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Marc Nanes Kenzo Estate Winemaker

Marc Nanes holds 26 vintages of premium winemaking experience to his credit, including the last 13 with Kenzo Estate under the tutelage of Winemaker Heidi Barrett. Prior to joining Kenzo Estate in 2009, Marc’s winemaking experience began at Cakebread Cellars, working for Winemaker Bruce Cakebread. From there, Marc went on to work with Aaron Pott at St. Clement, Sara Gott at Quintessa, and Philippe Melka and Jayson Woodbridge at Hundred Acre. In all, Marc’s experience includes harvests in Napa Valley and Australia’s Barossa Valley, working with Bordeaux and Burgundy varietals. Marc was born and raised in New York City. For more on Marc and his appointment to Winemaker, visit the announcement in Kenzo Estate News.