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David Abreu

Vineyard Manager

“I recognized the potential of Kenzo Estate’s terroir”

Just as high quality ingredients are indispensable in cooking fine cuisine, growing high quality grapes is essential when crafting the highest quality wine. David Abreu is one of the most talented and sought after viticulturists in Napa Valley, having grown premium grapes for some of the most respected wineries in the valley.

David Abreu


David Abreu, a third-generation rancher from St. Helena, California and a graduate of the Viticulture and Enology Program at UC Davis, founded Abreu Vineyard Management in 1980. While managing vineyard operations at Inglenook Winery, Abreu worked closely with pioneer Winemaker Ric Forman. The two became friends and traveled frequently together to Bordeaux where they observed French winemaking and vineyard techniques. Seeing the quality of the work and the potential for applying those techniques in Napa, Abreu mastered French rootstock and trellis design and began using them in various vineyards.

Abreu's popularity grew as wineries recognized his talents and hired him to plant and manage their vineyards. By the late 1990’s, he was considered one of the premier viticulturists in Napa Valley, growing grapes for wineries such as Blankiet Estate, Staglin Family Vineyards, Jones Family Vineyards, Bressler Vineyards, Colgin Cellars, Pahlmeyer Vineyard, Sloan Estate, Bryant Family Vineyard, Fisher Vineyards, Oakford Vineyards, Araujo Estate Wines, Grace Family Vineyard, Viader Vineyards and Harlan Estate, among others. In 2006, Abreu was hired to replant vineyards at Screaming Eagle Winery.

Developing Kenzo Estate’s vineyards beginning in 2002, David made an exception to his discipline of staying well North in the Napa Valley where the climate is considerably warmer. With the opportunity to tend to this land, David recognized the potential of elevation and proximity to the bay that would deliver extraordinary quality and a uniquely refined style within Napa Valley.

David’s uncompromising dedication to the vineyards of Kenzo Estate results in grape harvests that speak to the loving care given to each vine. He shares Kenzo’s high standards for grape quality through his initial vineyard concept, on-going precision farming and long-range vision. To date, Abreu has planted more than 145 acres of vineyard on Kenzo Estate’s property.