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II.The Vineyard

The finest grapes cultivated by an uncompromising dedication to the vineyards

Kenzo Estate’s vineyards are a mere 4% of the total landscape. All the vines have been meticulously planted by celebrated Viticulturist David Abreu and his team. Abreu shares Kenzo’s high standards for grape quality through his initial vineyard concept, on-going precision farming and long-range vision. His expertise can be seen in the precise layout of the vineyard rows arranged to catch the sun’s rays at the warmest part of the day. Precise calculations were made to ensure maximum growth potential, taking into consideration such things as soil chemistry and composition, water permeation and root growth. All this creates a sense of balance and harmony throughout the vineyard, giving you the impression of David Abreu’s aesthetic sensibility that makes his work so recognizable.

When you admire our vineyards, you will notice many of the grapevine trees are planted along the gentle slopes of the rolling hills of Mt. George. With the opportunity to tend to this land, David Abreu recognized the potential of elevation and proximity to the bay that would deliver extraordinary quality and a uniquely refined style within Napa Valley. Nestled in Wild Horse Valley at 1,550 feet, this disposition allows wind coming from the San Pablo Bay to flow directly through the vineyard. This fresh air magnificently cools down the fruit warmed by the sun, allowing the grapes to preserve essential organic acidity and phenols for its rich taste. Moreover, the humidity brought by the blessed morning dew is an important source of freshness and water, but if the humidity stays on the fruit it could turn into mildew and damage the crops. Ventilation during the day dries the trees and enables the fruit to maintain healthy conditions. Kenzo Estate’s vineyards enjoy many natural wonders, the best gifts the work of nature can give.