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Kenzo Estate is defined by its lofty elevation on the flanks of Mt. George

Nestled in a valley at 1,550 feet, in the cool, southern hills of Napa Valley, the estate encompasses 3,800 acres- five times the size of New York’s Central Park. The challenging terrain provides an expansive palate of geologic variety that can be tapped to showcase the intensely vivid flavors of mountain grape-growing. Each block is planted to maximize the vine’s varietal characteristics with ideal soil and individual care. Clarity of the fruit expression is the result of the estate’s elevation, resultant cool climate, and extended growing season. Carrying the fruit for a few extra weeks allows the vines time to complete the complex process toward ideal maturity.

A Natural Wonder

Comprising 3,800 acres in the eastern mountains above Napa Valley,
Kenzo Estate is a pristine natural preserve

Kenzo Estate is unusual in Napa Valley for the vast expanse of wilderness it encompasses and Kenzo Estate’s owner, Kenzo Tsujimoto, has a strong desire to share his love for this unique and extraordinary property with guests. Draped along the summit that defines the eastern boundary of Napa Valley, Kenzo Estate is the custodian of watersheds originating on the property and draining East, West and South. Protected within this preserve are rain and spring-fed reservoirs, vernal pools, streams, and diverse forests of conifer, oak and manzanita. Wild boar, coyotes, mountain lions, deer, turkeys and bobcats linger in the wilderness and are occasionally observed by guests and those tending to the estate. Here is the convergence of nature and great winegrowing.


Napa Valley: The World Famous Wine Growing Region

Napa Valley is a sacred place for wine, blessed by exceptional weather conditions ideal for grape growing. The winter wet season and summer dry season are clearly defined, allowing the grapes a growing period to coincide with the dry season. During this period, warm temperatures and very little rain enable Napa winemakers to produce full bodied, bright fruit wines. Protected by a perimeter of peaks, Kenzo Estate’s vineyards are situated at an elevation of 1,500' feet where cooling marine fog, pulled into the valley from the bay, blankets the estate during the early morning hours of the growing season, suppressing summertime temperatures and extending the growing period. Harvesting later than vineyards up-valley, where temperatures are often 10 degrees warmer, Kenzo Estate wines benefit from a prolonged harvest period that allows our grapes to ripen evenly and peacefully while preserving essential organic acidity and phenols for its rich taste. Carrying the fruit for a few extra weeks allows the vines time to complete the complex process toward ideal maturity. The grapes fully enjoy the blessed sunshine of Napa Valley, ensuring optimal, elegant fruit with perfectly balanced sugar, acidity and tannins.

The Morning Mist

Cooling fog blankets the estate during
the early morning hours of the growing season

While the darkness of night is progressively fainting, a dense white mist peacefully emerges from the mountains beyond. The mist completely envelops the estate, bringing a precious dampness during the summer dry season. The scenery is spectacular from atop our highest peak; the vineyard below appears to be completely enveloped by the thick, drifting white carpet. Once the mist is gone, the vineyard is left with clean, fresh drops of morning dew. Clinging to the leaves and the grapes, these clean water droplets enable our vines to bear very healthy and pure fruit- they are an important source of water, enriching the soil resulting in the vines growing richer.